Need a New Retainer Right Away?

3 Simple Steps

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1) Order your retainer(s) here

Once you place your order, we ship to you all materials needed (including detailed instructions) on how to take impressions of your own teeth.

2) Ship your impressions back to ClearRetain

Included in the materials we send you is a prepaid shipping label and box for sending back your impressions.

3) ClearRetain creates your retainers and ships them back to you

That’s it! Enjoy your new retainer(s). Remember we also offer bleaching trays, mouth guards and night guards.


No need to make an appointment, no need to pay hundreds in replacement retainer costs. Just fast, affordable, retainers within a few business days. No one else provides this level of service at this low of a price. Click here to order your replacement retainer today.


When will my New Retainer(s) Arrive?

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Your retainer(s) will arrive in about 8 to 12 business days (depending on your location). That’s from the time you place your order, to the time you receive them. Remember it is important to take your teeth impressions and ship them back to ClearRetain as soon as possible. This is the main factor that determines how quickly your retainers are completed and returned.

We Provide All Materials Needed for Taking Impressions of your Teeth

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-  Impression putty

– Written instructions

– Impression trays

– Pre-paid return shipping label

– Plastic baggies

– Priority Mail return shipping box

– Online video tutorial

– Download written instructions

Videos to help you take a great impression. 





Why I chose clear retainers over metal ones, and how I ordered Clear Retainers from home through ClearRetain.


Still A Little Skeptical?

We get it, how can we charge only $79 for a retainer, but your orthodontist is charging hundreds? The simple fact is we are an orthodontic lab and this is what we charge the doctors. They are placing a considerable markup and that's... continue reading HERE.