A little Skeptical?

We get it, how can we charge only $79 for a retainer, but your orthodontist is charging hundreds? The simple fact is we are an orthodontic lab and this is what we charge the doctors. They are placing a considerable markup and that's okay. They have the expertise, knowledge, and training to straighten your teeth! That's a big deal and is understandably expensive.

Now when it comes to your retainers, the first set is included in the cost of your braces. However, if you ever lose it, brake it , or the dog eats it, the cost of a new retainer is extremely expensive. This is where we think we can help.

We offer low cost, high quality orthodontic retainers, along with sports mouth guards, teeth grinding guards, and custom whitening trays. Because we are a lab and we don't have the high overhead of a doctor, we don't need to charge the same high markup. Plus we are extremely efficient, well trained, and very cost conscience. So you have a choice: Go back to your doctor for a new retainer, or receive one direct from our lab. If price is your main concern, then we all know the correct answer here. 

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What are the Pros and Cons between ClearRetain vs. your doctor?

Very good question, we're glad you asked. Simply put, it all comes down to getting a good impression of your teeth. Fact is, going back to your doctor is a safe, easy way in obtaining a good impression (albeit, an expensive one). Therefore you will most likely receive a good retainer.  

When ordering a retainer from us, you have to take your own impression. No dental assistant around. However, it's really not that hard. Over 95% of the thousands who have tried ClearRetain have successfully taken their own impression. Seriously, you can do it. In the off chance this doesn't work, we have a full refund (minus our shipping costs) and you can always go back to your doctor anytime.

Plus we really want you to succeed! We provide all the necessary resources. All the materials, the step by step instructions, helpful videos, and support via phone and email. We do whatever it takes to ensure success. If needed, we'll even fly one of our orthodontic experts out to assist you! Well, okay that's not going to happen, but you get the picture.  

So, if money is not a concern and/or you don't want to take your own impression, then going back to your doctor is your best bet. If you want to save a few hundred bucks though, then we can definitely help you out. Order and save HERE.

One last tip: If any online company tries to convince you they can straighten your teeth for cheap, then run as fast as you can in the other direction. We would never offer this. Straightening teeth and keeping them straight are two very different things. Moving teeth around can have seriously bad consequences. You don't want to mess around with that. Go to a local professional. Preferably an orthodontist. If you have mild crowding and your bite is good, then a dentist can most likely do the job. But in general, go to the experts. Go to an orthodontist!